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The most important part of any precision engineering project is the quality of the finished product. 

Are your current suppliers doing an exceptional job?

It's irritating when your components arrive but the parts don’t fit properly. Does this happen often? *

Poorly fitting parts require extra machining, at greater cost and annoying delays!

If the profile and surfaces of the completed parts fail to accurately match the CAD data, you're in trouble. Does this happen with your current suppliers? *

{{answer_26576089}}, some engineering companies still work from drawings rather than directly from model!

The quality of the finish can be inconsistent. Have you ever experienced this with your current supplier? *

Your products have to be perfectly finished. It's one thing to achieve that but if the deadline is missed, the whole job can be critically delayed.

The next section contains three questions related to timescale. {{answer_26576089}}, how good are your current suppliers?
In exceptional circumstances projects can be delayed. How often are unavoidable delays happening? *

It's an imperfect world, delays can be managed if they are rare and you're at least kept in the loop!

Even worse, are your suppliers ever late for no apparent reason? *

Some suppliers will take on work they struggle to fulfil, causing delays...

Capacity problems can cause delays. Is this an issue with your current supplier? *

If your supplier's workshop capacity is no longer meeting your needs, you will run into issues...

{{answer_26576089}}, we've considered quality and timescale issues. But... there's something else more fundamental we need to consider.

These last five questions are essential
Continued investment in the latest equipment is critical. How up to date are the CNC machines in your supplier's workshop? *

Out-dated machinery means compromised capability and extended timelines.

A 5 axis machine is only as good as the software that runs it. How good is the CAM software your supplier is using? *

Compromising on software is a false economy

A CNC machine and its software give you capability but, if the programmer is inexperienced, the project will be compromised. How would you describe the skills and experience of the programmers at your current supplier? *

Sometimes a change of personnel critically damages a company's performance

How often does your supplier struggle with the challenge of complicated projects? *

Exceptional programmers have the skills to get the most from their machines to successfully complete complicated projects on time! Others will struggle!

Complicated projects require you to co-ordinate several suppliers because no-one you use can take care of everything. Yes or No? *

one stop workshop can handle the project from start to finish, saving time, money and headaches.
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